About Brolly

Brolly Publishing is an independent Australian publishing house.

Established in 1997, it specialises in beautifully illustrated children's books, a select range of general non-fiction, stationery lines including greeting cards and calendars, and also children's and general jigsaws.

Additionally, Brolly provides a range of publishing services. 

Brolly's children's books are designed to engage children through their visual appeal and to fire their imaginations and curiosity. Beneath the stories, each book carries gentle messages concerning friendship and kindness or teaches simple learning concepts.

The general non-fiction list includes books by established and emergent Australian chefs, among art book and other titles.

The stationery lines and jigsaws celebrate the beauty of the artwork used in Brolly's publications, most particularly that of acclaimed artist and author Shirley Barber (1935–2023) and also Garry Fleming and Wendy Straw.

Brolly's books are sold Australia-wide and also internationally.

Authors and illustrators published by Brolly include Shirley Barber, Wendy Straw, Garry Fleming, June Factor, Jill Bruce, Andrew Fielke, Simon Borghesi, Nadia Turner, and Phil Kettle, among many others.

Several of the children's books have been published in several languages, including Portuguese, Bulgarian, Slovene, French, Greek, Ukranian, and Slovene, and Brolly's publications are frequently exhibited at local and international licensing fairs.